How To Be Happy 101


I think I’ve never been happier. Actually, this is the strangest time to be that happy, since I’m currently studying for my exams and the stress level is super high! However, I’ve been having some reflection times, where I think about my life and I realise, I love everything about it! Of course, not everything is rainbows and butterflies: I still have those moments when I get super anxious and depressed but I’m way better at getting through those rough patches and turn the positive, happy mode on!

Create your own happiness –  We shouldn’t just depend on a person, a night, a season, a party, even a tv show! Besides the fact that it’s super important to have friends, family or things that you love, the most important thing is to be at peace with yourself! We must always remember that not everything lasts forever, and not everyone will keep being a part of your life, but you will. You should be yourself’s best friend and love the person you are!

Not caring about what others think of you – Do whatever you want, even if people will judge you. Do what feels right. Follow your heart. Don’t over analyse situations and don’t overthink them. Do you, naturally! You’ll see that if you are happy being you and being confident in your actions will not only make you more comfortable with yourself, but also change other people’s perspective, hopefully for the better!

Finding what sets your soul on fire and chase that feeling – We all have passions. For some they are obvious and for others they’re pretty hard to find. I don’t even think I know what my passions are, but I have a feelin I’m pretty lose to find them. Lately, I’ve just been doing what makes me happy: have long inspirational talks, sunsets by the beach, writing! Oh, and super important! Don’t just do what others want you to do. I know sometimes it doesn’t seems, but you are free to make your own choices. Don’t feel obligated to do something you don’t like.

Shake it off! – Having bad thoughts or having bad vibes? Just shake them off. Of course I’m not saying that you should ignore your problems, you should definitely face and resolve them. I’m just saying: don’t create new problems! Mostly teens have a big tendency to worry about little things that can wreck their minds: ‘Oh, I’m so fat!’ ‘Why hasn’t he texted me today?’ ‘I want to have a boyfriend!’ ‘Am I pretty enough?’ ‘Why don’t they know who I am?’  All of that doesn’t matter, girl! Just chill and focus on what truly matters. It’s all in your head! Life is way more than that!

Living in the moment – anxiety and depression are two mental illnesses that are caused by being clinged to the future and the past, respectively. Living the today and make the most of it is a must, or else you’ll be to busy worrying about the past or the future and not living at all

Life’s all about being happy, making others happy, go on adventures, exploring and experiencing new things and feelings! Just get out and see, feel, do!

1, 2, 3

I try very hard to use the smallest amount of makeup products daily. Since I’m usually very late for everything, I have very little time to get ready in the morning and, getting used to only applying the essential is a must for me!  Today, I had literally no time, I was already super late and I had to improvise. However, I really liked the result and I thought I could share with you!

1.BB CREAM, MAYBELLINE: after moisturizing my face, it was BB time! I spread some of this wonderful stuff into my face and voilá: a much fresher, bronzed face!IMG_2723

2.BLUSH, WET N’ WILD: I’ve been loving blush lately! I got this one in Switzerland and I fell in love! It’s a peachy color, with golden sparkles and it’s perfect for that ‘i just got out of the sun’ healthy look!IMG_2725

IMG_26993.BROWS, H&M: Now, I couldn’t leave my brows alone, could I? To finish my makeup and run through the door, I just lightly filled my eyebrows in!IMG_2728


Guess who’s back

Wow, it has been too long since I last posted here. Now, I could give a million excuses to explain my absent behavior of these past months, but the truth is, I’m not exactly sure why I did it, I guess I hadn’t been feeling that inspired lately… Of course, my laziness has also helped this to happen, but most of the times, I simply didn’t know what I should write about.

I started out this blog just to talk about makeup. However, months, even years have passed, and I stopped feeling excited about all of this. I felt like every youtube video was the same, every blog post was simply boring… Therefore, I took a break and stopped everything: I stopped following the most known youtubers on instagram, I stopped watching every single video that showed up on my computer screen and I stopped writing. Honestly, I’m really glad about this pause. Everything was starting to feel like an obligation and less like something fun, that made me happy. However, now, I feel completely different.

Now, I’m ready to try this again. I have a lot of fresh, new content to share with the world and I intend to make this blog, a kind of archive of my life, to share my experiences with others and, hopefully, inspire some of you! So, hold on tight! ‘Cause I’m back and I’m here to stay!

See you soon


H&M beauty

I’ve always been a big fan of H&M. I mean, who doesn’t like super cute clothes at a really good price? Recently, H&M has launched a makeup line. To be honest, at first I wasn’t too excited about it, but after hearing a lot of hype, I got curious. Luckily, I got a lot of things from here on my birthday, and today, I’m going to share my opinion about them so far.

The first thing I got was a beautiful palette: it has four shimmery nudes and three matte shades. So far, I’ve been loving all of them but I can’t be totally sure, since I haven’t used them that much! I’ll keep updated though, don’t worry!IMG_0768

I also got three beautiful, shimmery eyeshadows, perfect for smokey eyes! However, I already owned the exact same colors… Therefore, I exchanged these for three awesome products.  The first one was a double-ended brush. One of them is a super fluffy blending brush and the other is a liner brush, that I intend to use for my brows. So far, I’ve been loving them: they do an amazing job, especially the blending one!


Another great thing I got was this creamy, shimmery eyeshadow. However, I won’t spoil this one a lot since a post about it is coming up!IMG_0688

Finally, I bought a eyebrow gel, to set my wild brows in place! This one is clear so it doesn’t have any pigmentation, therefore it doesn’t fill them in, it just sets them. A great thing about it  is the fact of lasting all day, for its price, it’s amazing!IMG_0764


And that’s everything I got for today! Let me know what you thing about H&M beauty products and what I should try out next!



Welcome 2016.

2015 was a damn good year. The best year of my life yet, I dare to say! It was the biggest roller coaster, I swear: I had amazing moments and really bad ones; I met new amazing people and others disappointed me tremendously.


2015 was filled with adventures. There are so many things I did this year that I can cross off my bucket list! I went to New York, my dream city; I spent a week with my best friend and her family; I had my first love and heartbreak… Honestly, I feel like everything I’ve done in 2015 helped me grow so much. I’m only 16 years old, I’m the youngest of my family, and this was the first year where I felt like I could make my own decisions and be responsible for my actions: it was the first year where I had to make up my own mind and give my personal opinions, without being influenced by others. I’m so thankful for this and for everyone whose trust I’ve owned.

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 1716037


However, there are A LOT of things I need to change this year. First of all, I need to really love myself. I need to take time to think and to care about me and to satisfy my needs. I also really want to start some new projects and hobbies! Another thing I need to do is to stop worrying about things that don’t really matter: worry about the important things in life! I also need to learn that not everybody is going to like me: I need to spend my time and care about people who feel the same about me, not with those who don’t. The biggest thing I’ve learned recently and that I need to remember is that I need to spend more time impressing myself other than impressing others! It’s YOUR life and you need to live it fully! 



And for all of you who read my blog, I wish you an excellent year of 2016, full of love, health and positivity! I would also like to thank you for reading these confusing rambles of a confused teenage girl.



Just Chill

Life is a funny thing. In a moment, you’re super happy and feel like you have everything under control. In the next second,  it all seems different: you feel nervous and anxious about everything and you feel like you’re stuck in a bad place forever. I’ve been like this these past few days. Most of the times, I felt suffocated by everything: school, relationships, mine and other people’s problems. With all this I started to get super depressed and lazy. However, after talking with my best friends, everything changed.

The truth is, my life is amazing! I have a family and friends who love me; I’m healthy; I live in a pretty good country, without the violence that some  have and I’m super happy, really! I don’t know why: don’t know if it’s a teen thing or even just a human thing, but I have the tendency to create problems. If a situation appears, I tend to exaggerate everything and freak out and I end up not resolving anything at all! The truth is: I’m growing up. I don’t have to decide everything about my future right now, I have a lot of time to think about it, and experimenting new things and letting new people into your life is a great thing, not something that should be rushed or make you nervous. We don’t have to deal with EVERYTHING. We can just chill out and, simply, enjoy life. It’s as easy as that: of course, it’s okay to freak out sometimes, but I can’t be dragged down by stupid situations. We just need to enjoy the good moments and make the most of the times when we’re with the people we love!

Oh, this is also super important: we need to stop comparing to other people’s relationship, bodies, beauty or grades. This is the worst thing  anyone can do to themselves. We all are different individuals and it’s not worth to compare ourselves to other people. We don’t need to see if we’re doing things in the right or normal way. This doesn’t even exist: we define what’s normal or what feels right. As long as we’re happy, everything else is okay. We don’t need to worry about everything!

Oh, it felt so great to write this. Lately, my brain has been super confused and I’m very much better right now! I really hope I could help some of you, this definitely helped me! Thanks for reading, see you soon!



Honey Treasures

Hey everyone! Finding the strength to wash my hair can be a hard task, even harder with the cold weather. Fortunately I rediscovered some products that I absolutely love, and that do wonders on my hair. These two have definitely  made me get my butt of the couch and go wash my hair.

I’m talking about the ‘Honey Treasures’ champoo and conditioner by Garnier. I’m all in when it comes to affordable products, and this ones are definitely in that department. However, besides being cheap, they work perfectly: they have a rich texture but the don’t go overboard, they don’t weight down your roots, taking every bit of volume on your hair. On the contrary, besides cleaning wonderfully my hair, they keep it super soft.


Another great thing about these ones is the fact that they aren’t like a lot of shampoos on the market, that are full of substances that fake softness. These ones are super natural and its smell is amazing!

Bottom line, if you’re looking for an affordable, amazing hair products I highly recommend this ones! I promise you, they’ll keep your hair clean, soft and with an heavenly scent!

Too much shimmer, way less pink

Hey everyone! If you read some of my previous posts (which I highly recommend, ahah), you already know that I’m a huge KIKO fan. I think their products have an amazing quality, scent and price! Few were the products from this brand that disappointed me, but unfortunately, I’m going to show you one that did.IMG_9865

During KIKO’s amazing sales, I found a eyeshadow with the most amazing color: a shimmery light pink, my favourite! I bought it immediately since it was super cheap, but when I got home and tried it out, I wasn’t that impressed. When  I put it on my lid, it just seemed like a normal shimmery, white eyeshadow, it wasn’t pigmented at all.


However, I’m not a quitter. I talked to my favourite beauty advisor Lulu, who gave me the idea of using the eyeshadow as a highlighter. And you know what? It works perfectly! When you put it above your cheek bones, chin, bridge of the nose etc, it leaves you with a healthy, glamorous glow, that I’m always looking for!IMG_9872

Bottom line, if you’re thinking about giving up on a product, don’t. You can ‘almost’ always find another solution besides throwing it away! I’m in love with this product as a highlighter, and if I had never given it another shot, it would probably be in the garbage can right now…



The City

New York is probably the most popular city in the world, and this summer, I had the pleasure of visiting it. Going to the Big Apple has always been on my bucket list and I finally can check it off. So, today, I’m going to talk about my adventures in ‘the city that never sleeps’.

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 1601

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 237

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 1305

New York is full of life. Everywhere you look you see people, therefore, besides the fact of having a ocean between me and my country, I never felt lonely! Another amazing thing about New York is the fact that you feel super big, for being in one of the most powerful cities of the world. However, at the same time, you feel incredibly small: you’re surrounded by thousands of people and by enormous skyscrapers.

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 703

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 288

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 825

I was in New York for a week, and I must say, it felt like a month. When I had to return to Portugal, it almost felt like i was taken away from home. At first, I was a bit nervous about meeting people since the first american person I had met wasn’t very nice (it was the airport security, a very cranky man!). However, I was scared for absolutely no reason! Of course, like anywhere in the world, there are nice people and not that very nice people, but in New York I felt like I lived there since ever: people would always say good morning or would wish a nice day!

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 935

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 966

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 271

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 349

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 1586

To be entirely honest, I was super excited to go to New York, mostly because of the shopping. However, I couldn’t be more wrong. Everything about it amazed me: the Central Park, the Hudson river, the 9/11 Memorial, Columbia University… I always had thought that New York was a modern, sophisticated, robotic city, without any green or without any history. However, one of my favourite things about the Big Apple were the enormous, crowded, green parks, where you could a enjoy a great lunch!  Another great thing about the centre of the world that is NYC (as a french guy that my sister and I met in the subway said) is the abundance of blue, one of my favourite colors. You may think this is kind of weird for me to like it, but the reflection of the sky and the river on the buildings, gave me a peaceful feeling, that nothing could go wrong.

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 120

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 117

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 564

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 1228

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 728

Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 1089

So, for all this, thank you New York. You were amazing and visiting you was a dream came true. But, get ready, because I won’t give up on you so easily! Hopefully, I’ll visit you in the future, and get to know you even better!    Férias_2015-Nova_Iorque 198

Summer Outfit Ideas

Hey everyone! As you already know, summer is my favourite season: the sun is out, the skin gets darker, the weather gets better, the hair lighter and you can wear breezy, colorful clothes. Last weekend, I went with my family to Afife, here in Portugal. I had a wonderful time: spent a lot of time in the beach, got a really great tan and had a lot of fun. So, today, I thought I could share with you the outfits that I wore during these past sunny days!

 Outfit #1


T-shirt: New Yorker

Jeans: Zara

Sandals: Havaianas

Outfit #2



Top: It was hand-made by my cousin’s grandma! How cool is it?

Bikini bottoms: Oysho

Straw hat: probably stolen from some summer festival ahah!

Outfit #3

IMG_6819 IMG_6818Top: Zara

Shorts: Lefties

Sneakers: Stan Smith by Adidas

And that’s it for today everyone, I really hope you liked it! Let me know what are your favourite clothes to wear during summer!